SGRUNTLE INVASION (Kindle Edition) – Boz Mugabe (2003/2021)



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SYNOPSIS – Gumbo and Jammy Bratt discover a strange blob over their back wall that seems to have a life of its own. Overnight it grows into cocoons so they seek help from the local mad scientist, Professor Contraption, who realises they have a Sgruntle situation on their hands.

The Sgruntles are reputed to be so miserable that they bring their own personal rain clouds with them, and as a result, the town is in danger of flooding. Together with Professor Contraptionʼs trusty robot vehicle Mr Limbs, they try to resolve the situation before itʼs too late!!!

SGRUNTLE INVASION is a strange adventure that brings a small and unlikely cast of characters together. Along the way, look out for the Rat Butler, the Traffic Mole, the Skydiving Duck and various other thingamajigs!

Written and illustrated by Boz Mugabe & fuelled by the inspirational fire of 1970’s Beano, The Moomins, Dr Seuss, Struwwelpeter and the children’s books of Peter Sís.

For ages 3 to 103!

If you download, please leave a review. I am building an emergency reserve of peanut butter in case the Sgruntles return!!




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